My Story



I'm Jeff Malchow and I'll be your trainer for your alcohol server training. I'd like to share a bit about myself so you know a little bit about me before you attend your training. 

I've been in Colorado for approximately ten years now, after moving from Wisconsin to seek new adventures. I am currently a police officer for a small mountain town off the I-70 corridor. I have been working in law enforcement both in Wisconsin and Colorado for over ten years now.

I started my Colorado career in Steamboat Springs as a patrol officer, learning how to successfully work in a small resort community and the interesting challenges a community like Steamboat Springs faces with dramatic population influxes. I learned by working with and being apart of the community many of those challenges were easy to over come so all could enjoy the beauty Steamboat Springs had to offer. 

Prior to leaving Steamboat Springs I had created a team of officers to help address growing calls for service in the downtown bar district. I first educated myself on the Colorado Liquor Code, then connected with business owners to address opportunities for improvement in the bar district. Through education, open communication, and clear expectations on both sides, together we greatly lowered the calls for service in the bar district.

After seeing the positive impact I was able to have on one community, I decided to change my career path to help other communities. I began working as an investigator with the State of Colorado specializing in liquor enforcement. Through my time as an investigator I gained a much better understanding of Colorado's Liquor Code. I became aware of just how complex the liquor code really is and developed a passion for passing that knowledge along to others. Taking what I had learned in Steamboat Springs I was able to educate on a Statewide scale and help business owners avoid common violations of the liquor code through education. 

Life would eventually bring me back to a small resort community as I was seeking the mountain lifestyle once again. After being back on patrol for awhile I realized I missed sharing my knowledge of the liquor industry on a Statewide level as a I had while being an investigator. In January of 2020 I decided to start this business to once again embrace my passion for educating others. 

I hope to see you soon,